ECOFROZ was founded in 1995 as a result of a long and planned dream of a group of Ecuadorian Farmers, that had been previously involved in farm production, financing and industrialization of agricultural products in Ecuador.

Our farmers had been land owners for many generations having more than 3,000 hectares of rich agricultural land available for planting and harvesting vegetables in the Andean area of Ecuador, that lie in fertile valleys in the highlands at around 3,000 meters above sea level. Approximately 70% of the raw material grown for Ecofroz is cultivated in our own plantations, and the rest is contracted with experienced farmers that have been producing broccoli and cauliflower for more than 20 years.

Since its inception, one of the most important objectives was to consolidate an important labor force that will understand and fulfill the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders

Our employees are a group of experienced groups of individuals, with the majority of them working with Ecofroz since its initiation, and have developed an important leadership role in the industry with important developments, such as the following:

– First Ecuadorian Company to place sales to Japan.
– First Ecuadorian company to have third party audits in place.
– First Ecuadorian Company to implement Ready To Eat procedures in the factory.
– First Ecuadoran Company to offer pesticide Free product in the market.

Ecofroz Competitive Advantages

ECOFROZ lies in a very green valley within the Andean Mountains of Ecuador, surrounded by 3,000 hectares of the agricultural land, at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level. Temperature is very stable at an average of 10 to 18° Celsius throughout the year, thus providing consistent production and quality year-round.

Having our plant and fields at this altitude gives our products a very distinctive advantage. Because of the altitude and the cold temperatures, there are almost no insects in our Andean valley. This factor allows us to very little pesticides on the crops, as other areas of the world do.

The major competitive advantage that ECOFROZ has derives from the fact that raw materials come from factory controlled plantations, which are very close to the processing facilities. Our technicians deliver the plants, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to the fields and inspect them as they grow. Since the fields are not more than 40 kilometers away from the plant, the harvested product is processed and frozen within a short period of time after harvesting. The average plantations have 20 hectares of Broccoli planted on a continuous basis, with more grassland within the farm available for crop rotation. All of our broccoli production comes from less than 10 farms.

Ecuador is located at the Northwestern Pacific Coast of South America, between Colombia and Peru. It is crossed by the Equator Line from East to West and by the Andean Cordillera from North to South. Being in this specific geographical area gives the country several agricultural advantages such as product variety and quality.

Ecuador is located at the Northwestern Pacific Coast of South America, between Colombia and Peru. It is crossed by the Equator Line from East to West and by the Andean Cordillera from North to South. Being in this specific geographical area gives the country several agricultural advantages such as product variety and quality.

Ecuador enjoys having a wide range of products mainly because it has four different climatic regions: the biodiverse Galapagos Islands, the tropical Pacific Coast, the fertile Andes Mountains and the humid Amazonas Rain Forest. Each of these regions has their own weather and products.

Vegetables and fruits from Ecuador have an excellent quality. Being in the Equator line and being crossed by the Andes makes Ecuador’s land receive greater luminosity than any other food processing country in America, and maintain stable weather throughout the year making it possible to have most of the products available all year round.

These facts have made Ecuadorian vegetables and fruits to be recognized by their unique quality all over the world.

Quality Policy Statement

ECOFROZ was conceived, to have the highest technological Individual Quick Freeze (I.Q.F.) facility in South America, and to provide the best Quality Products from the Highlands of Ecuador, for freezing and exporting to the international markets, and to provide Quality Service to our customers.

Quality Control is an integrated process that starts in the fields, continues through the transportation of raw materials to the plant, and is closely controlled at the reception of the products. During the planting, harvesting, processing and freezing stages, our quality control people inspect every batch of production in order to assure consistency in all our production.

Producers receive assistantship on the fields; a reliable processing system is maintained to guarantee food safety.

The plant is constantly monitoring HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards and carefully follows every part of the process chain. Continuous Internal Audit programs are closely performed to assure that our Quality Standards and Procedures are maintained or improved over time.

Ecofroz is constantly audited by world known companies to verify Food Safety, like BRC, Silliker Labs, and others that guarantee our customers that we will fulfill the highest requirements that markets demand.

Customer’s specifications are closely monitored to assure that every shipment is consistent and that our client receives the quality products desired for his market.

Therefore, we have several certifications and we follow high international quality standards:

  • BRC, BSCI, HACCP, Kosher, BASC

Ecofroz is not only a Processing Facility. It is an integrated company owned by a group of Farmers of many generations, that have a long term commitment to supply vegetables and fruits to the factory and that assure that Quality is a requirement to be followed on the fields as well as on the industrialization and commercialization of our products.

We are strong believers that to be successful on a competitive worldwide environment it is of utmost importance to develop Customer Loyalty by providing Quality Products and Quality Service. We are committed to have a continuous improvement plans that will include updating the food processing technology and a permanent training system on Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for our staff.

Important data on Ecofroz

      • Founded in 1996
      • Private Company owned by group of Investors in the farming Area
      • Currently has 850 employees
      • Annual Sales of Usd 29 Million, 2016
      • Broccoli with 96% of sales
      • Sales composition: 46% Japan, 28% USA, 26% Europe
      • Annual Output: 19,000 tons, 2016
      • Raw Material Composition. 60% from own fields