Pesticide free broccoli and cauliflower

Ecofroz is offering a PESTICIDE FREE PRODUCT, of frozen IQF Broccoli, Cauliflower and Romanesco to the world markets, as a response to the majors concerns of consumers on Pesticides Residues, which can affect as a consequence the human health and environmental health.

Growing conditions.-

The PESTICIDE FREE PRODUCT is defined as a product that has NO PESTICIDE RESIDUES AT ALL, and that are certified by credited labs.

The non-GMO seeds are imported and planted in our own greenhouses, under a strict control on growing conditions, and under control of environmental effects such as humidity, temperature and contamination of insects.

On the fields, to qualify as a PFP, the crop has to be grown with limited use insecticides, pesticides or chemicals from planting to harvest of the product in the clearly identified fields. The crops are closely monitored on the growing conditions on the 90 day cultivation period, and strict traceability is performed on a weekly basis to monitor the crop condition, and to maintain the qualification of the Lot of production as PFP.

Difference between pesticide free product, organic product and conventional product.-


For a product to be qualifies as ORGANIC, the land to be used to grow the crops has to be free of any use of pesticides for the last three years. The farmers have to use organic seeds, and cannot use any synthetic pesticides to control pests, and have a Certification from an official certifying agent that has to be performed at least once a year.

Pesticide free product.-

The PESTICIDE FREE PRODUCT, to be qualified as such, has to have a Lab report, from a Certified Lab, that it has no residual traces of chemical at all. Every container dispatched as PFP, has a Lab Report.

Conventional product.-

CONVENTIONAL PRODUCT is a product on which Pesticides may have been used on the fields to control and incidence of insects, within the Maximum allowed time before harvest, and that their use is controlled and certified to comply with the Detection Limits under legislation of destination of the product.