This is ECOFROZ’s star product. We are proud to say that we have the best broccoli in the market and that is why we are preferred all over the world. Harvesting period for broccoli is all year long.

Florets are available in the following sizes:

• 10/20 mm Perfect for pizza toppings, soups and fresh or cooked salads.
• 15/30 mm Flexible size that can be used in many preparations.
• 20/40 mm Mainly used for TV dinners and gourmet dishes.
• 30/50 mm Ideal for product mixes.
• 40/60 mm Perfect for family meals. Used for repacking into bulk or retail packages.
• Spears Used for stem flavor lovers.
• Cuts Mix of head and stem material. Prefered for soups, cooked dishes and salads.
• Diced Whole chopped broccoli for any kind of use.

Custom made mixes are available.