Ecofroz is a founder of the Ecuadorian chamber of the BASC organization (Business Against Smuggling Coalition), which is directed under guidelines of the US Embassy.


The facility is completely fenced. To enter the facility you must pass through a close/guarded entrance that is manned 24-hours a day seven days a week. On the Entrance, before entering, there is a Random system of checking every individual, suitcases, vehicles and personal belongings. Proper identification must be shown and your appointment verified prior to gaining entrance. Visitors are required to register in a visitor’s book and the visitor’s ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) is held by the plant and reissued to the visitor upon exiting the facility. Visitors are escorted at all times while on the premises and are required to wear them as a visitor.

Unauthorised personnel are not allowed to enter the facility. All employees are issued an identification card.

At the entrance of the plant, there is a hand recognition system, that they must use in order to gain entry. All employees change into a company uniform supplied at the facility. No personal belongings are allowed in the processing areas of the facility. Before entering the processing area, personnel is vacuumed to retrieve hairs.

There is a network of security cameras that are spread throughout the facility, were movements are recorded.