Child Day Care Center “Don Carlitos”

One dream of the Company’s President and founder was to create a Child Day Care Center for the kids of the employees. In most cases, kids are left locked in their homes or cared by their older siblings with insufficient age. To try to solve these problems, “Don Carlitos” Child Day Care Center opened it’s doors in 2008.

The Child Day Care Center takes care for kids of ages ranging from 1 to 5 years old in an environment with the highest standards of education. Kids are instructed with the best methods to encourage creativity, high self-esteem and critical thinking.

At the Child Day Care Center, kids are offered daily balanced meals and enjoy the day through fun didactic material. The qualified faculty not only provides care to the kids but also love.

Also, the Child Day Care Center is open to the kids of the community around Ecofroz’s plant. All of this is possible thanks to the financing of Ecofroz.